The Future of Sumka Brothers

On behalf of all of us at Sumka Brothers Greenhouses, we are happy to welcome the River East Transcona School Division to their new home at 328 Peguis St with both open arms and heavy hearts.

This beautiful land became the greenhouse home thirty years ago in 1993, when it was nothing but marshland and gravel roads.  Over the past thirty years, Sumka Brothers Greenhouses has grown here with the community, and grown the community.  

With the landscape rapidly changing, we knew there would eventually come a time that change for the greenhouse was inevitable.  But we knew that the structure that took the place of our extraordinary business had to be one equally impactful.  

It is our hope that a culture of growing, the importance of nurturing and a huge sense of community pride will continue to blossom once we leave.  We hope this new school that takes our place will recognize that the children of this community LOVE to garden.  We see it every year, as we have watched your children grow along with ours, and our beautiful flowers.  We can truly hope the school continues to cultivate the love of nature that is synonymous with the Sumka Family name.

We will continue to operate Sumka Brothers Greenhouses as awesome as usual in 2024. We look forward to seeing you all for one final season, to show you new and old plant favorites, and of course, a fresh batch of lollipops.

After 47 years, we wish the Sumka Brothers nothing but well wishes in their retirement.

From all of us at Sumka Brothers - Thank you! Your support has meant the world to us and we will miss you. ❤️